Arno the Hunter


After being missing from the App Store for months, I got Arno the Hunter transfered to the Upright Bear developer account. Happy hunting everyone!

As for updates, I still have the code & assets but all the art is for the old 480x320 resolution and I'm sure some code will be broken compiling the project with the latest Xcode, so I'm not sure if it makes sense to to revive it.

Hone your archery skills as you guide Arno on hunting excursions through beautiful animated levels including plains, snowy mountains, and a dark forest.

Watch out for the local wildlife though, some will fight back! You may even encounter giant creatures that will require sharp aim and quick reflexes to bring down safely.


Plains Screenshot Forest Screenshot Snowy Mountains Screenshot Forest Screenshot First Boss Screenshot Title Screenshot

Collect items for upgraded fire, including an unstoppable boomerang and massive explosions. Use defensive items such as shields and hearts to escape a tough spot and prolong your survival.

For extra points build your score multiplier by not missing your shots. Chain together combos by scoring multiple hits with a single weapon. Use your hunting prowess to collect trophies. Become a master hunter by competing on the global leaderboards.

Arno the Hunter for the Iphone is
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